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Finding Freedom


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My Story

Bound, tortured, molested, and raped should not be in the same sentence describing any human being, especially a child. However, as much as it sounds like a fictional, horror story, this was my reality growing up in and out of the foster care system.

Why help fund my video?

It is sad to say that my story is not unique, but it is often the story that never gets told. For many, many years this story was buried in the depths of my past. However, in order to have true healing, I knew this story, my story must be told. My name is Michael, and I am not only an overcomer, but a vessel through which more lives will be positively impacted. If you believe in helping others, especially children, then you will help my story get told. Your belief and participation is greatly appreciated and will hopefully leave you with a sense of pride that you took part in saving our legacy. I sincerely thank you and applaud you for not only believing, but supporting this important story, thank you.