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Miracle Baby


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My Story

How does a family have hope for the better when their child is only given a 7% chance to live? For three year old Aileen, it was her family’s faith and the love and support from extended family and friends that saw them through probably one of the most difficult times in their life.

Why help fund my video?

When you think of a three year old you think of innocent, laughing, talkative, energizing bundles of joy and you never add cancer to those descriptions. However, three year old Aileen experienced that descriptive word of cancer as part of her biological makeup when she was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Pineoblastoma.  Pineoblastoma is a fast growing type of brain tumor that occurs in or around the pineal gland, which is a tiny organ near the center of the brain.  For Aileen the tumor was located right on her pineal gland in the middle of her brain, it was bigger than the size of a quarter and there was a web of the same tumors down her spinal cord. Her brain was turning gray and they only gave her a 7% chance to live. She endured a lot of chemotherapy and radiation which resulted in her suffering from a stroke and seizures afterwards. While she still has complications, she is doing well and we are happy to say that God healed her from cancer. We give Him the glory every day and definitely believe that if it wasn’t for all of the prayers sent up and astounding faith of everyone who did pray she would not have made it.

We would like our video to be used as a testimonial to bring other people hope and gives them the faith to come out of whatever situation(s) they may be in. It was only by the grace of God that Aileen overcame cancer and we want people to know how good God has been to us. With your support we can get Aileen’s story told and inspire many more people. Aileen is now ten years old and she is an Overcomer.