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Rider for Life


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My Story

I’m 23, as of October 15 it will be 5 years I’ve been paralyzed, but giving up and giving in is never an option for me.

Why help fund my video?

You never know how your story in life will go. You do know that life will have its ups and downs, turns and twists you’d never expect, but exactly what will occur and how you will handle that occurrence is something that is unknown. I never thought that I would be paralyzed, nor did I think I would be able to get to the point where I could live my best life beyond my circumstance. I have been paralyzed for five years.  Yet, I am here living each day of my life to the fullest.  I still experience the pains, especially since having gone through 2 four wheeler accidents; and the joys, since I still ride every chance I get.  It’s not that it’s easy or gets easier, I just won’t let my circumstance or so-called disadvantage be the final determination of how my life should be lived.

My story is one of determination and audacity.  I just can’t limit myself and don’t want others in their specific circumstances to feel as if they have to be limited.  With your support, my story can be shared to encourage and inspire those individuals who need hope to carry on. My name is Matthew and I am an Overcomer.