What is Save Our Legacy?

Save Our Legacy is a mission-driven, media company that allows everyday people who have overcome adversity in their lives to help empower others.

We believe that by helping Overcomers tell their story, our website can also help those who are struggling with difficult – sometimes overwhelming- challenges to find encouragement and hope by watching videos of true inspiring stories.

Our mission is to help individuals and organizations, nationwide, raise funds and produce inspiring video testimonials, mini documentaries, and ads. These inspiring videos may highlight remarkable stories, people, books, and services. In order to raise the money needed to produce the high quality professional videos of these inspiring stories, we use ‘crowdfunding’.

What is crowdfunding?

‘Crowdfunding’ is the newly-coined term for using the internet to raise money, online, from friends, family, and other supporters around the world. These people represent ‘The Crowd.’ Typically, individual supporters will pledge from $10 to $100 (or more), in support of video stories that they would like to see produced.

Who is an Overcomer?

An Overcomer is a person who has faced one of  life’s many challenges and survived to tell their story.

Overcomers may include individuals, business owners, non-profits, churches, motivational speakers, authors, community leaders, and many more. All Save Our Legacy crowdfunding campaigns must coincide with the Save Our Legacy mission, which is to encourage and inspire millions of people through video.

Who is a Backer?

A Backer is a caring supporter who contributes financially to a crowdfunding campaign via an online pledge.

How does the campaign process work?

For Campaigners:  4 Quick and Easy Steps…all FREE!

  1. Submit Your Story.  Submit your inspiring story or an inspiring story of someone you know. Just a brief summary – one or two paragraphs. Feel free to add a picture and/or video link, if there is one.  Also, tell us why a video of your story would be helpful to others and what would motivate people to support the production of your video.
  2. We Review Your Story.  We will review your story to make sure it’s inspiring and a good fit for a crowdfunding campaign on our site.
  3. We Help You Edit.  Our professional writers and editors will help you craft the way your story is told to enhance the potential of your campaign getting funded.
  4. We Post, We Both Share.  Once your story is approved, we make your campaign page ‘live’ and we make it easy for you to share your campaign page with family, friends, supporters, and the rest of the world to help you fund the production of your inspiring video.

Please note that the campaign funding goals are estimates of production costs. Once your campaign is fully funded, we’ll go into video production. After production, if the actual costs are less than your funding goal, we will issue you or your organization a refund of the unused balance.

For example, if your funding goal was $2,500 but production costs were only $2,100, you will receive a $400 refund, minus any processing and credit card fees.

How much money will I need to raise to produce my video?   

The cost of your video will be determined after we review your story. Every story is unique. And so is every video. We will contact you with suggestions on the type of video that would best fit your story.

How long are the videos?

In general, the types of videos we provide are the following:

  • 60 or 90 sec Testimonials  (e.g., a personal interview of you telling how you overcome a difficult challenge)
  • 2 or 3 min Mini Documentaries (e.g., for example “a day in the life” type video or the true story behind your book, etc )
  • 30 or 60 sec ads (e.g., a video that showcases your new non-profit, or an amazing product or service)
  • Custom videos (longer than 3 mins)

What happens after your video has been produced?

After your mini-doc, testimonial, or ad video is produced and approved, you will receive your video and we will promote it on our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube page via standard posts and paid ads (e.g., using Facebook and YouTube ad services to market your video to thousands).

How do I make a pledge?

For Backers: 3 Quick and Easy Steps!

Remember, a Backer is anyone who contributes financially to a crowdfunding campaign via an online pledge.

  1. Select the campaign you want to support.  Review the Save Our Legacy site and select the story (or stories) that you want to support.
  2. Click on the ‘Support’ button.  Select your pledge amount, and then “check out”.
  3. Enter your payment information.  Enter your credit card information and “make a purchase”.  You will receive an automated message and receipt with your pledge details.

Please note:  Your credit card will NOT be charged until the campaign has reached its funding goal by, or before, the campaign deadline.

For example, if you pledged $50 to your co-worker’s campaign on March 25th and the campaign goal was finally met on April 10th (the deadline), your credit card will not be charged until April 10th.   

What is the funding goal and project deadline?

The funding goal is the monetary amount required to completely fund the production of your video. The project deadline is the end date by which the funding goal is expected to be met.

How long do I have to raise the funds for video production?

Crowdfunding campaigns typically go on for 60 days. For higher success rates, however, we recommend 30 days and that you strongly promote your campaign with family, friends on your social media pages, etc.

What is “all or nothing” crowdfunding?

“All or Nothing” crowdfunding means that each campaign is either fully funded or it gets cancelled by the end of the campaign deadline. In the case where a campaign has to be cancelled, no Backer credit card is charged.

What happens when the project reaches its deadline?

When a campaign reaches its deadline, one of two things will happen depending on the status of the campaign:
1. If the campaign has not met its funding goal by the set deadline, no Backer credit card will be charged.
2. If the campaign has met its funding goal by the set deadline, the Backer’s credit card will be charged the pledge amount and the video production will officially begin.

How do refunds work?

In the event that video production is not carried through, due to the Campaigner declining to move forward on the project, all Backer pledges will be refunded to the credit cards used to submit the original pledged amount (minus our non-refundable processing fee of $1.50).

Does Save Our Legacy collect a service fee?

Yes. We collect a non-refundable processing fee of $1.50 for each transaction. Please note that we use Stripe.com to process all payments on our website.

When does Save Our Legacy start collecting the pledges?

Pledges will be collected immediately once the campaign has been fully funded (by or before the project deadline). If the campaign is not fully funded by the deadline, the Backer’s credit card is not charged.

Is there anything not allowed as a campaign?

All crowdfunding campaigns launched on Save Our Legacy are to coincide with our mission statement, which is to encourage and inspire millions of people through video. (Please refer to our Terms of Use for details.)

Beyond helping support video production, what other benefits are there for Backers?

All Backers receive unlimited viewer access to any videos produced from campaigns to which they contributed. Backers also receive Legacy Credits as rewards based on their contribution level. In addition to these benefits, the Backers might receive additional incentives offered directly by the Campaigner.

Beyond having my video professionally produced, what other benefits are there for Campaigners?

Campaigners could receive remaining balances on campaigns that are produced under budget. Remember that the campaign funding goals are merely estimates of production costs. Once your campaign is fully funded, we go into video production. After production, if costs are less than your funding goal, we will issue the Campaigner the remaining balance, as a refund. For example, if your funding goal was $2,500 but production costs were only $2,100, you will receive a $400 refund, minus any processing and credit card fees.

How do Campaigners receive remaining balances from a funded campaign that is produced under budget?

In order to receive a refund from campaigns that are produced under budget, Campaigners are required to have an existing PayPal account. However, such refunds will not be provided until video production is complete.

Can I pledge to my own campaign?

Yes. If you would like to jump-start the funding of your campaign, or help reach your funding goal before the deadline, feel free to pledge to your own campaign.

What are Legacy Credits?

Legacy Credits are rewards given by Save Our Legacy to Registered Backers in exchange for specific contribution levels on any given campaign. Each Legacy Credit is valued at $5.00 (on the site).  Legacy Credits are non-redeemable, and are only for use within the Save Our Legacy website. They cannot be converted into actual cash or currency, and can only be used to support other campaigns on the site.

** Please note that non-registered Backers cannot earn any Legacy Credits on our site. Therefore, the Backer must register on our site before making their pledge in order to earn their Legacy Credits. If the Backer does not register, they will not earn any Legacy Credits.

What can be offered as additional pledge rewards to Backers?

Please note that Save Our Legacy provides consultation to Campaigners on what types of additional rewards to they might want to offer to their Backers, based on their particular campaign. However, Save Our Legacy does not mandate, or guarantee delivery of pledge awards to Backers. (For more information, please read our Terms of Use ).

Who is responsible for delivering the rewards to Backers?

All Legacy Credits will be guaranteed through Save Our Legacy.  Any Campaigner offering rewards are responsible for delivering those reward to their designated Backers.

Can projects be edited after the crowdfunding campaign is launched?

Yes. The Campaigner can make edits to their own campaign up until the campaign goal is met. However, the goal amount, itself, cannot be edited by the Campaigner. In addition, all edits will need to be reviewed by the Save Our Legacy staff, prior to posting on the Campaigner’s crowdfunding page.

Can I supply my own script and/or production crew?

Yes and No. Yes, Save our Legacy will allow Campaigners to participate in the development of the video script. Our talented producers and writers are able to bring your story to life, but your input is certainly welcomed.

No, we do not allow personal videographers or production crews to create your video. Save Our Legacy guarantees the work of our production crew and will only take responsibility for the work of known production partners.

What currencies does Save Our Legacy support?

Currently, Save Our Legacy will only accept US dollars.

Can I cancel my pledge to a crowdfunding campaign and get a refund?

We do not encourage Backers to cancel their pledge. However, if you absolutely need to, please send an email to campaigns(AT)saveourlegacy.com, before the campaign deadline. If you fail to request a cancellation on your pledge before the campaign deadline, and the project is fully funded, you will not be able to receive a refund of your pledge.

Can I create multiple campaigns under one account?

Yes. You are able to create more than one campaign under a single account.

Can I run more than one campaign at one time?

Yes. However, we strongly recommend that you start with only one campaign, to give you a clearer understanding of what it takes to raise the funds needed to successfully complete a video campaign.