Crowdfunding has proven to be a very effect means for raising funds for campaigns. We also understand that running a campaign can be a lot of work and simply starting a campaign is not enough to gain the necessary funding to produce your story. As a platform that believes in the power of stories and the impact that they can have on the lives of others, we want to see your campaign become successful so that we can fulfill our mission by producing your uplifting and inspirational story. So, we would like to offer you some tips that should help your campaign become successful.

Prior to Launch

Planning is crucial for a successful campaign. Prior to launch, prepare a tentative schedule for active promotion (online and in person). Let’s call this your outreach plan. Target groups with interests similar to your story. Search for online forums, blogs, and social media groups that may be suitable for promoting your story. Take the same approach with other media (newspaper, radio, local news, etc.). Also, make use of the base of potential supporters already within your reach. Build an email list of family, friends, and associates with whom you plan to share your campaign.

Prepare your synopsis. Prior to production, your story is represented by your synopsis. You want to make sure that you communicate what makes your story unique and/or relevant. This will provide a snapshot of the full story to come. Think about the relevance of your story to current or historical events. This can be used to draw people in to hear more about what you have to share.

Once your campaign launches you will have a lot of promotion to do, so it is wise to build up a team of family and friends who will help you promote your story. The workload is much easier when you have a team to support you.


As soon as your campaign becomes live, jump right on it.  Start executing your outreach plan as soon as your campaign becomes live. Reach out to local media, send emails, post to online forums, blogs and social media. Be sure to make use of the social media plugins offered on Save Our Legacy’s platform. We offer social media plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to share your campaign on those platforms. We even offer embedded html to post on your own website. Specific to Facebook, we offer a Facebook comments plugin that allows Facebook users to post to both your campaign and their own social media simultaneously. Also feel welcome to use alternative electronic media features such as hashtags and links to promote and share your campaign alongside platform plugins.

For authenticity concerns, we highly encourage you to use your own social media to promote via the Facebook comments plugin as it adds credibility that the campaign is real and organized by you. Building trust with your audience is essential in gaining backers for your campaign.

Communicate your story in a way that will engage interest in being involved. Share your campaign synopsis and expand on the importance of your story when sharing on other platforms. A good way to do this is by creating  one or two short videos with your smart phone and upload it to your social media page,  explaining why you want your family, friends, associates and support groups should pledge on your campaign.

Be Proactive

Be proactive. Engage in comments with backers to keep content flowing and show that the campaign is active. Actively check your campaign page for backers and make sure to show appreciation via a “thank you” using social media and/or email. It is also important to update backers about campaign progress regularly to keep them informed as well as give them another opportunity to share your campaign with other people they know. This is an opportunity for you to communicate milestones, along with any urgency that may arise regarding your campaign.

Regularly update social media platforms. There is so much content that floats around on social media platforms that is can be easy for someone to miss your post. The more frequently you promote your campaign on social media the more likely you are to expanding your field of exposure to potential backers. Toward the end of campaign update more often to build a sense of urgency and further engage potential backers (new or repeat). However, if you are updating via email avoid redundant updates as doing such in direct communication may be viewed as spam.

Don’t forget your non-social media outreach group. There are plenty of people who may want to support but are not on a social media platform that you are promoting on, so remember to follow through on engaging your local community via newspaper, local television, and radio. This type of “guerrilla marketing” will further add exposure and credibility to your campaign.

Even after a campaign ends it is important to update your backers. Inform your backers regarding production and release dates of your mini-doc as communicated by Save Our Legacy staff.

Offer Incentives

It is common that people may want to receive a physical memento signifying their contribution to your campaign. It is at your discretion to offer incentives for pledging. Research regarding other crowdfunding platforms indicates that offering incentives, even if small, increases the appeal of your campaign. Even further, a tiered incentive structure can be even more beneficial as it may lead to potentially greater contributions. Since this is an optional feature for your campaign you will be responsible for fulfilling any orders made. In the case that you do decide to offer incentives, it is extremely important to be transparent with your incentives and the logistics of its delivery. You should form email groups for backers who choose an incentive. Then be sure to be prompt about communicating updates about shipping or delivery details for physical and/or digital rewards.