The story began in 2008 when Jimmie Johnson, the founder of Save Our Legacy, noticed he was frequently meeting people in his daily life who freely shared about how they overcame some major challenge in their lives. As he listened, he realized many of these people felt little or no direction while overcoming their challenges. In fact, they were often alone. This sparked an idea that maybe he could help others overcome their challenges in life by connecting people. The concept was simple: he believed that people could help each other overcome life’s challenges as long as they shared similar experiences.

Over the years Jimmie’s thoughts about sharing stories and inspiring others evolved. However, the catalyst for starting Save Our Legacy came when two life-changing events occurred in his own life. In 2010, his mom passed away from lung cancer, and in 2013 his six-month old son was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (a rare eye cancer) that left him with monocular vision. Although Jimmie and his family survived these difficult situations, it made him think more about how telling his story might help others facing similar issues – to encourage them to go on. After losing his mother, Jimmie felt that one’s personal legacy should be more than just money or possessions that are left behind after one’s passing. He believed it was about leaving a positive impact on our children and on others. It was about being a positive role model; a source of encouragement and hope to others.

It was then that the reason for Save Our Legacy became clear. Jimmie and the Save Our Legacy team’s desire is to help hundreds, thousands, or even millions of Overcomers share and preserve their stories of overcoming…through video. We believe that through an open and honest account of our experiences and individual stories, we can help others enjoy the freedom of living a life that is never without hope, even while in the middle of the darkest tunnel.