Save Our Legacy is a mission-driven, media company that produces powerful inspirational videos! We seek to encourage and inspire millions through video.

We help non-profits, business organizations, and individuals produce inspiring video testimonials, mini-documentaries, and advertisements that highlight remarkable stories of “overcoming”. We believe that by helping Overcomers tell their story, others will draw inspiration from their experiences.

It’s simple. If you are an non-profit or business organization looking to share the amazing work you are doing with a wider audience, we can help (click here). If you are an individual who wants to share your story of overcoming one of life’s many challenges, we want to hear from you (click here).

Save Our Legacy has also launched an e-commerce marketplace where we sell high-quality promotional t-shirts and novelty items to help support the production of professional videos for our Overcomers. Click here for details on how Save Our Legacy supports the production of select videos from Overcomers.